Pontiac Fiero with Caddy V8

Side view of 1987 Fiero with Caddy V8 Swap

Looking at this car it is hard to tell it is a 1987 Pontiac Fiero. The Fiero has been a popular car to swap in more muscle since the original just didn’t really have enough. The engine in this Fiero is a 4.9L V8 from a 1992 Cadillac DeVille. It is disappointing the 4.9L DeVille engine could only put out 200 hp stock. The LD8 or the L37 Northstar V8 from the 1993-2005 DeVille would have packed a way bigger punch for roughly the same size. Either way it is still an improvement and I am sure it is fun to drive. Just about everything else on the car has been modified. The suspension is aftermarket, the exhaust is custom, and the body kit looks to be custom influenced from the Fiero Mera kit, the interior has all been redone, even the front license plate has been modified so it can be removed easily.

Make sure you check out the owner’s CarDomain page and leave some comments for him.

View of Caddy V8 in 1987 Pontiac Fiero

Back view of 1987 Fiero with Caddy V8 Swap


  1. TVIS

    actually the body kit is a one off the owner made himself, all most all the body and interior is all custom by him.

  2. martin trottier

    hi mr.

    where do you have taking your body kit ( spolers,bumpers,side skirts)

    thanks and you have a beautiful fiero and i have fiero gt 1887 and i seek the samething body kit.



  3. Andrew

    This is an awesome job. I also have an 87 fiero notchback, and this is inspiring. Love the paint choice, all the body panels, wheels, interior, and pretty much all the customization. Even the molding looks good left on, and the spoiler is a good match too. Great job!

  4. dwight

    i have been wanting to do the same engine swap on my 1986 gt fastback. can u tell me where i can find the swap kitt and how hard this was to do ? thanks and love the car!!

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