Plymouth Prowler with a Toyota 2JZ-GTE

Plymouth Prowler with a 2JZ-GTE inline-six

Titan Motorsports is known for their import drag cars. They work on all kinds of imports but have a lot of focus on Toyota models. Some examples of their incredible fast imports is a Supra that has done a 7.94 @ 181 mph, a Toyota Celica doing a 6.47 @ 217 and even a Scion tC has done a 6.488 @ 218.48 which won it the Sport Compact Championship for the third time in a row. So they know their way around a Toyota engine.

Plymouth Prowler with a 2JZ-GTE inline-six

Titan recently published progress on their Plymouth Prowler project. Under the hood is a Toyota 2JZ-GTE with a single Precision 71 GTS turbocharger and many Titan parts on the motor. The car also features custon twin pump fuel cell and custom fab work to get the Koni suspension to work.

Plymouth Prowler with a 2JZ-GTE inline-six

Plymouth Prowler with a 2JZ-GTE inline-six

24 thoughts on “Plymouth Prowler with a Toyota 2JZ-GTE”

  1. i think u r idiot who change 3.5l chrysler engine with shit like toyota engine
    any one beleve in toyata company is fool
    coze best wat can toyota engine for real 90hp and the said 240hp as in 7m engine by TAYOTA !! TOYATA KISS MY ASS

    1. Grammar owns you. The 3.5l Chrysler v6 is a joke. Any engine swap would have a positive outcome. The Toyota 2jz engine is commonly known a one of the best, if not the best, inline 6 engines ever produced. This particular engine will most likely make nearly 1000whp. Thus making this Plymouth Prowler absolutely insane. With that being said, I would have voted to swap a srt8 hemi into it. Just to keep it a full mopar build.
      PS, I cannot decide if your trolling or actually just mentally incompetent.

    1. You don’t know what he said? dude he could not be more clearer translation:

      “I idiot *hiccup-hiccup* change 3.5l Chrysler shit *hiccup puff puff hiccup* beloved toyota *hiccup-stop breathing-breathing again -hiccup* I’m a fool at best*pause-fall-hiccup-sit-hiccup* toyota engine is for real *long pause-blurp-hiccup* TOYOTA WAZAAAA *puff puff pass*Ohh my ass.”

      I got it the first time.

  2. Michael you must not know anything about the 2jzgte motor. The motor that was in the prowler was a POS, putting the 2jz was a improvement. How many GM motor can support 800+ hp on the factory short block.

  3. I take it Michael is ESL, as he can barely write English.

    Idiot ? Look in the mirror Michael.

    Well at least we all got to laughs AT him….hee hee !

  4. I can see this engine in a kit car or hot rod, especially a Lakes Modified or Austin Healy replica. The right dress up, 3 sidedraft Weber 45 DCOEs and it’ll look right at home in a Jag XK120 replica. Can you get any better to Trounce the hot hatches than a Toyota 2JZ_GTE mill in a Jaguar XK120 or Austin Healy replica? A 60’s Vauxhall could work equally well.

  5. Damn man i dont want to rag on you because everyone else
    is but seriously man any toyota will outlast almost any Plymouth,
    and from your spelling i doubt you actually know what your
    talking about.

  6. I think that the car is bad-ass. A true car person would know how much work, time, and money went into the prowler engine swap. I’d give anything just to hear him crank it up.

  7. I own a 2001 Prowler and yes it should have had a bigger engine V8, and Michael should stick to something he knows more about.
    But this car has a good exhaust note and believe me you would not want it to go any faster than it does, 140mph is fast enough for any american car !! its just a cool car to drive and you get more attention than a whore in a brothel

  8. Very interested in a Prowler engine swap, I really want to buy one but very reluctant cause of the 3.5l v6. If i was to add a toyota motor to it how much hp would it be, and how would the price be? Thx

  9. This is the best thing that could be done to this car I think there cool but would never own one cause there slow as poop but with a 2j it’s just sick and with the single it’s prob 600+hp on pump with that turbo And there not very heavy. Just sick I would own this car Is it auto or 6 speed

  10. I hate how people put 2jzs in everything. imo the car is a lot shittier. it would be awesome if they put in a mopar hemi. now everyone is going to think mopar is weak.

    1. if i am correct the 2jz is possibly the most incredible motors ever produced, withstanding over 1000hp on the factory bottom end. i havent seen a single v8 that can say the same. mostly everyone rebuilds the v8’s and most cant even come close to a 2j, and by that standard i see that the swap done by titan is only for the better, removing the weak 3.5 for a much larger, heavier engine would be just stupid.

      my point being toyota JZ series leaves v8’s in the scrap pile.

      1. There are a lot of 2jz nut swingers in here just throwing random numbers off the top of their heads…
        The 2jz motor is an amazing motor but it is not even close to the most incredible motor ever produced, and anything over 700rwhp on the stock internals and your motor is just a time bomb.
        All the Supras that you see with over 600rwhp are usually built motors.

        Dane, you should really look into v8s a little more, there are plenty that have achieved over 1000hp…

  11. @Michael don’t listen to these people they are just very optimistic lets face it is to late for you school is for people that can learn.

  12. I think the 2jz was a good choice, doesnt look like there is alot of room under the hood for a v8. But it would look pretty bad ass with a header coming out each side and a pipe running to the back.

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