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VW Vanagon with Porsche 911 Engine

Autofiends (link no longer active) posted an quick post about a VW Vanagon that the writer believes was a 911 Porsche engine swap. After doing some research, we found MSDS, a company that specifically sells swap kits to install a 3.2 L Porsche 911 engine into a VW Vanagon. We also found a website listing Vanagon engine swaps and it also lists some companies that sell kits at the bottom.

Source: Jalopnik

11 thoughts on “VW Vanagon with Porsche 911 Engine”

    1. Rolph here, back in 78 I was coming down on highway 101 @ about 80mph, and all of a sudden a VW bus went by @ maybe 100 mph when I finally got to him I asked, what did he have in there? all he said was 911T, I really didn’t know it could be done but my Celica was almost new with less than 2,000 miles. Talking to friends they said it must have been a 914 1700 cc arguing that it wouldn’t fit the Vanagon, after all this time I’m back with the idea of getting one but to take it to South America as a “classic”

  1. Listen i have a VW Vanagon, and they are pretty top heavy. But they also horribly underpowered. And when you own one youll never imagine driving anything else, it just feels wrong. I could only dream of a flat 6 in my car!!!

  2. I have owned several 911rs Carreras, touring and sport. 930 Evex, 1953 356 Porsche America Coupe, . . .
    8 Vanagons, various engines, 2 of which enjoyed Subaru EJ22E 16v SOHC power plants. There is nothing like passing a pimped Camaro on a twisty on ramp, knowing he just got beat by a bus, a VW Bus!

  3. I’ve got an 81 Vanna gone and I’m considering a 2.2porch swap, will it bolt up to the original transmission , other than modifications to the engine cover is there any other modifications to do ?

  4. I was going SB on the 101 on my Celica, checked the rearview mirror, and see a VW bus catching up with me, I go pedal to the metal but the bus just went by at 110mph. I found out he had a 911T according to him, now I’m trying to replicate that a Vanagon with a Porsche engine

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