Subaru WRX with a Turbo RB26 on the Dyno

2012 Subaru WRX with a RB26 inline-six

We first wrote about Austin Barnett’s Subaru WRX called “Rexzilla” in February. The project still retains AWD however it’s powered by a 2.6 L RB26 inline-six and six-speed transmission from a Nissan R34. Austin recently took it to the dyno and although the engine was suffering from ignition issues it still made 713 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque to the wheels on E80 fuel.

2012 Subaru WRX with a RB26 inline-six

Source: Billetworkz and @Panda_WRX

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    How much do you think a basic swap would cost to get done out of curiosity. A good reliable basic swap still awd?

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