Mazda Miata with a Jaguar V12

Mazda Miata with a Jaguar V12

Talk about a cram job. Fitting anything of decent HP into a Miata and you are in for some work but having a V12 layout and you are going to really have some work. It appears the firewall and hood was cut to make for engine clearance and to stick the weight more in the center of the car.

Mazda Miata with a Jaguar V12

Update: Check comments below for more details on custom work done on this swap.

Source: via via Jalopnik


  1. Ben Millermon

    Firewall was cut about 6inches back, parts are hard to find for a jag so I had to make most of them. Designed my own cams that crane cam cut for me, I am the first person to actually develope a dual pattern cam. I also designed my own timing chain assembly and made it externally adjustable. Crank was ground to use 351W H beam rods, custom bell housing let me use a ford mustang T-5 trans and clutch.

  2. sam

    you should definatly patent the designs that you made.
    that should make sure no one could just copy the design but i doubt that anyone would…
    Great Job.

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