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Peugeot 205 with a 20B Rotary

Peugeot 205 with a 20B Rotary

This custom Peugeot 205 GTI is piloted by Vincent Foucart and was built many years ago to compete in rally racing. Over the years the car has seen many engines including a BMW V12, custom W12, and even a custom V16 made with four CBR600RR heads. However for the past few years it is powered by a 2.0 L 20B three-rotor. The current engine was built by Pulse Performance Race Engineering featuring their short crank race block and produces 427 horsepower. That power goes through a sequential transmission and then to all four wheels. If you are interested in your own race 20B, PPRE charges $29,550 NZD for a similar setup.

Video of his car racing with the custom V12.

Source: John Hilton via PPRE FB page

5 thoughts on “Peugeot 205 with a 20B Rotary”

    1. Indeed! Heard it scream on youtube and it sounds amazing! Though I’m more interested in his W12, I have seen pictures of it but not actual footage. It was also a weird design, 3 banks of 4 cylinders instead of 4 banks of 3. Anyways, it was nice to hear all these 2 liter machines!

      1. Maybe some kind of FIA regulated rally cars? They always make stupid rules, taking away Gp.B and now fcking up F1. I have seen a BMW X5 fully tubed with a Viper V10 before on the interweb, though it was for sale and the only info I can find is the seller’s email and number in South Africa.

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