BMW ZF Transmission Adapter and Swap Kit for Miata

KMiata Honda K-series to ZF 5-speed trans adapter kit

KMiata is taking orders for their new ZF five-speed manual transmission (S5D-320Z) swap kits. The kit allows for the transmission to bolt-in to your NA and NB Miata whether you are using a Honda K-series engine or the factory Mazda BP engine. They also offer just the adapter plate and flywheel if you are building your own K-series powered vehicle. The company also plans on offering kits for the E46 ZF six-speed and E30 Getrag 260 five-speed transmissions at a later date. Fore more details please read KMiata’s article on the kit.

Kit Prices

ZF five-speed transmission sources

  • 1992-1998 E36 328i or M3
  • 1999-2006 E46 328i or 330i
  • Z3/Z4 with 2.8 L or larger engines

KMiata Mazda BP-series to ZF 5-speed trans adapter kit

KMiata ZF 5-speed trans adapter kit

Source: KMiata


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