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Want to be a Contributor?

Would you like to contribute stories to Engine Swap Depot? Or maybe you just want to point us to awesome swaps, tutorials, other websites, or even pictures. If so we can use you.

15 thoughts on “Want to be a Contributor?”

  1. I have done numerous swaps all fun all low dollar
    Corvair eng and transaxle into a 58 Karmann Ghia with a transvair kit, a bit rough but Fun
    289 Ford into 49 Chev Panel truck because the parts were free
    2.6 V6 into 71 Capri it was a factory option But I started with a 4cyl
    MGB 1.8 into a 1973 midget huge fun
    302 Ford into Gen1 RX7 huge fun super sleeper
    Currently 73 XJ6 with 350SB 700r4 Just finishing 2.5″ exhaust from headers thru IRS cage and doesnt hit anything….
    thinking about a late lexus V8 into maybe a miata or another RX7 project…

  2. Wow you have had some very diverse and great engine swaps. A Corvair drivetrain into a VW Karmann Ghia, that is awesome. A Lexus V8 into a miata would be stellar.

    Do you have a website for any of these?

  3. I put an 04 GSXR1000 street bike motor in my ’01 Raptor. I have plenty of pics of the project.

    Built 3 Street bike motor powered sandrails.

    When I was sixteen I stuck a 302 with 351W heads and a 5 clutch c-4 in a 74 Pinto (welded spider gears in diff and it lasted 4 years). Its amazing I lived through those years.

  4. I am part of a Nissan car club dedicated to the S12 (Silvia, Gazelle, 200SX) platform, we actually have a few different swapped S12s among our ranks, but one of the most impressive is a friends RB20DET swapped hatch. Email me if you would like pictures and info.


  5. Hi there,

    I’ve done a few swaps that I have shown on my website…

    Porsche 356 speedster replica with a 1.7l Alfa Romeo flat 4, I later upgraded to a Subaru Impreza turbo engine on a Porsche 911Sc gearbox and 944 brakes.

    I put the same spec Alfa engine into a VW Karmann Ghia

    My current project is a VW 1303 Karmann Cabriolet with Subaru Impreza WRX RA (about 300bhp to start with) hanging off a Porsche 911 G50 transmission and 996 brakes all round, the chassis is undergoing some major surgery to fit the trans but that is one thing I won’t have to worry about breaking!!!

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