Boggi’s RX-8 Update

Our friend from Iceland has given us an update on his RX8 project. He also gives some insight into his next project.

Hi guy´s. I have done few things for RX8 like build a new engine in it. I´m running LS1 as before with lingenfelter heads, compression around 11,2:1, 3? exhaust system with Borla muffler from Camaro. I have done the 1/4 mile with 75hp NOS in 11,52@128,xx miles 🙂 This summer I´m going for new fuel pump ( still running stock RX8 pump which is incretible, and running 150hp NOS!! Allso my latest product is my wifes car, Hummer H3 2007, which I´m swapping LQ9 from Escalade engine in. The engine is in, all cluster working, just need to program the ECM for best driveability! Regards, Boggi
Burnout MAZDA RX8 LS1 in Iceland 😉

We have embedded the youtube video he talks about in the comment.

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