Custom Motorcycle with a Subaru Turbo Flat-Four

Mad Boxer motorcycle with turbo EJ25 flat-four

Marcel van Hooijdonk is CNC machine shop manager and an avid motorcyclist. So when a friend showed him the Kickboxer motorcycle concept by Ian McElroy he knew he had to build it. Marcel calls his creation the MMB Mad Boxer and it took six years to complete. The bike revolves around a turbocharged 2.5 L EJ25 flat-four connected to a 2-speed triptronic transmission. There is no word on power output but a factory EJ25 will produce 210-305 depending on the model. Marcel has listed the bike’s top speed is 240 km/h (149.1 mph). For more information on the bike please read Kneeslider’s article.

Mad Boxer motorcycle with turbo EJ25 flat-four

Source: Sweet Street Motors, Julian Groves, and Kneeslider via

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