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Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30

Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30 inline-six

This unique Ford Transit Mk3 was built by Andrius Jonusas in London, UK. The engine is a turbocharged RB26/30 inline-six that produces 750 horsepower and 840 Nm (619.47 lb-ft) on 1.3 bar (18.8 psi) of boost. It features a RB30 block, forged pistons and rods, balanced crank, ported and polished RB26 head, Tomei camshafts, and HKS T04Z turbocharger. Behind the engine is a Exedy clutch, lightened flywheel, and Nissan R34 manual transmission connected to custom driveshaft and welded differential. See list of specifications below.

Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30 inline-six

Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30 inline-six

Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30 inline-six

Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30 inline-six

Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30 inline-six

Full Specs:

  • RB30 block with 1 mm oil restrictor
  • CP 87 mm forged pistons
  • ARP 2000 forged rods
  • Jeff Bull Engineering balanced crankshaft
  • ported/polished RB26 head
  • RB26 intake manifold with 6 throttle bodies
  • oil gallery oil drain to sump and bigger oil drain holes
  • Tomei 280 degree and 10.9 lift camshafts
  • Tomei shims
  • Tomei lifters
  • Tomei valve springs
  • Tomei valves bigger 1 mm
  • Tomei 1.8 head gasket
  • HKS camshaft pulleys
  • Dayco timing belt kit
  • ARP head bolts
  • bigger sump with oil baffle
  • ACL main and rod bearings
  • fluid damper
  • Link G4+ ECU


  • 750 hp
  • 840 Nm (619.47 lb-ft)


  • 1050 cc Sard injectors
  • GReddy fuel rail 2×1
  • EPMAN fuel regulator
  • Splitfire coils
  • aluminium 38 L fuel tank and 3 L fuel reservoir
  • 3x Bosch 044 fuel pumps


  • HKS T04Z turbocharger
  • HKS 60 mm wastegate
  • GReddy boost controller
  • EPMAN blowoff 50 mm


  • custom exhaust manifold
  • 4″ exhaust


  • EWP150 water pump with ecu
  • aluminium radiator in the back
  • 2 fans on radiator
  • 2 fans in back doors
  • 3″ intercooler with 3″ pipes
  • 15 row oil cooler
  • Tomei oil pump
  • 6 pint Accusump with electric valve switch


  • Exedy balanced clutch
  • Tein carbon plate
  • Jeff Bull Engineering lightened balanced flywheel
  • clutch master cylinder from Jeep Samurai
  • Nissan R34 GTT transmission
  • custom driveshaft
  • strong rear axle with welded diff


  • electric power steering
  • 4 link rear axle
  • adjustable rear coilovers
  • front coilovers


  • Mercedes brake servo
  • new brake pipes with special cover
  • hydraulic handbrake


  • FIA approved bucket seat
  • FIA 6 point harness
  • FIA approved roll cage
  • custom made front dash
  • plastic side windows
  • aluminium door cards
  • Sparco quick release steering wheel


  • big wheel fenders
  • easy remove front bumper bonnet and side door


  • 3.5 cm front and rear wheel spacers from standard transit to 114.3 x 5
  • alloy wheels and drag slicks

Source: eBay and Mk1Kieran

8 thoughts on “Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30”

      1. 15.8 @ 79.87 is still really damn slow for this van with supposedly 750 hp.
        Car and Driver tested a 2017 Transit with a higher roof and a longer wheelbase, and a full 12 passenger interior, so a fair bit heavier than this van, powered by a 310 hp Ecoboost, and it did 16 @ 87.

          1. Still, you’d think that a lighter vehicle with almost 2.5 times the hp would be noticeably quicker in the quarter mile, even with a manual and wheelspin.

  1. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing what happened without more details. Did he lift? Did the welded diff give out? Did the engine lose boost? Did he have the boost set low for this run?

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