LS6 Powered Cobra

Update: Article now reflects Don’s update from comment section

Don Warburton built this incredible Cobra for his wife. Under the hood he installed a LS6 crate motor and 4L65E automatic transmission. The motor was wired using the factory GM ECU and a Painless harness. I like the subtle LS6 badge in the same location as the 427 badge.

Cobra with LS6 engine swap

LS6 V8 inside Cobra engine bay

Source: LS1Tech

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  1. Don Warburton

    I put the LS6 crate engine with a 4L65E trans in this kit car for my wife. I used the GM drive by wire throttle and GM ECM with a Painless harness. I used the GM factory Corvette alternator and bracket with a Walbro 255 pump mounted in the tank. It run really well and the automatic trans tones the car down for the wife to drive perfectly.

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