For Sale: A Very Unique 1951 Studebaker

Glamourous Gal - A 1951 Studebaker with a 521 ci V8

You are looking at “Glamourous Gal”, a RedTail P51 Mustang themed 1951 Studebaker. The car has seen a lot of engines in its time. The selection has ranged from a single carb 572 ci, dual carb supercharged 522 ci, and a supercharged and alcohol injected 522 ci. The current engine powering this beast is a E85 burning 521 ci Dart big-block capable of 979 horsepower. The engine was built by NuTech Engine Systems in Lakeside, California and the car was built by Bones Fab in Camarillo, California.

Here is a video recap of how the car came to be in its current stage.

Source: Hemmings Blog and Bones Fab

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