Dacia Duster with a VR38DETT

Dacia Duster with a VR38DETT V6

Someone has decided to take Nissan’s top engine, the VR38DETT, and swap it into a small Dacia Duster to attack Pikes Peak 2011. The Duster will race in the “very fun” Unlimited class. The car was designed and built by Tork Engineering, while the engine was built by Sodemo. The engine was upgraded to produced at least 850 horsepower and 660 lb-ft torque. Since the car only weighs 2,094 pounds, I expect some good times if that rear wing can hold this monster down. Could this be the first VR38DETT engine swap? If one happened before this project, please leave a comment.

Dacia Duster with a VR38DETT V6

Source: Carscoop and Jalopnik


  1. Doobie

    Well, it’s not a Dacia Duster, it’s only a skin of Duster over a custom made chassis. I wouldn’t call it a swap, it’s a race car.

    Good choice anyways 🙂

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