1970 Ford Fairlane with a Turbo 1UZ V8 – Part 13

1970 Ford Fairlane with a Turbo 1UZ V8

Al and Woody from The Skid Factory continue working on a friend’s 1970 Ford Fairlane. The goal is to replace the entire powertrain with a 4.0 L 1UZ V8 with a T66 turbocharger, A340 automatic transmission, and late-model Falcon rear end with a LSD. In this episode the exhaust is installed and the Fairlane is put on the dyno where the driveshaft decides to give up. After the team installs a new two-piece driveshaft along with a new fuel tank, the Fairlane is back on the dyno where the turbo 1UZ produced 451 hp on 16.5 psi of boost.

1970 Ford Fairlane with a Turbo 1UZ V8

Source: MCMTV2


  1. RDS Alphard

    16.5-psi of boost? The 1UZ has forged internals or E85 allowed such high boost without the engine turned into million pieces?

    I know early 1UZ can withstand some great boost but 16.5-psi?

    • Csrt4

      If you pull enough timing with your tune it would handle that okay. I wouldn’t do it without a little inner engine love but that’s just me.

      • Sam

        Let’s be honest the guy has the money to pay someone to swap a Japanese engine into his American car, as well as turbo it on top of that. Even if these guys are his good friends that was a ton of work to be done. I’m guessing he isn’t too worried about the consequences.

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