Opel Kadett Called Yellow Psycho III

Opel Kadett with a LT-5 V8

Hover Hovemann races this Opel Kadett C race car in European hill climb events. The car is built on a C4 Corvette ZR-1 chassis with either a 5.7 L LT5 V8 or the upgraded 6.0 L LT5 built by Lotus for their Elise GT1 race car. Hovermann lists the engine’s displacement as 5.7 liters on his website however the article is from 2010. If anyone knows for sure exactly what his engine setup is please contact us or leave a comment. Otherwise enjoy the high-revving V8 sounds below or enjoy our previous article where you can find more videos.

Source: Hillclimb Monsters, Race NfunTv, and Hovemann Car Design


  1. Acc

    From all German language sources I’ve read over the years its a roadcar sourced engine that has been further enhanced by Risse Motorsport. It being a company that regularly made GM C20s rev over 10k rpm and create over 150 PS per litre, I can believe them being able to wring more than 750 PS from the LT5 (~400 PS stock)

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