1990 Audi with a Quad-Turbo LSx V8 Update 7

1990 Audi V8 with a quad-turbo LSx V8

Deboss Garage is working hard to finish their 1990 Audi V8 project for Rob Ferretti’s 2018 YouTuber Project Car Showdown. The team recently recorded a video of the quad-turbo LSx V8 running in the Audi. They also recorded a live stream where they explain all the work they completed and the work still left. It will be exciting to see how the quad-turbo 4.8 L V8 and Quattro AWD drivetrain perform.

Update 1/16/2018 – New video (below) shows it weighs 3,255 lb with a 58/42 bias without driver and back bumper/diffuser

Source: Deboss Garage and @DebossGarage


      • MOPARfan

        In this case weight doesn’t really matter, even though new engine is lighter than original 3.6 V8, having most of the engine sit before front axle is never good. It’ll push like mad.

  1. MOPARfan

    They released the video. Weight bias is 58% front 42% rear. Car weights 3255 pounds. Wow, weight distribution is so bad.

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