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Honda Minivan with a 700+ hp Turbo H22 Inline-Four

Honda Odyssey with a Turbo H22 Inline-Four

This Honda Odyssey was built by Kyle and friends from BoostedBoiz. The daily driven Minivan is powered by a 2.2 L H22 inline-four from a Honda Prelude. The engine features a stock head with Supertech springs and retainers, eBay H-beam rods, Arias pistons, steel liners, eBay 2200 injectors, and eBay GTX3582R turbocharger. The combination is good for 727 horsepower to the wheels on 28 psi of boost. The drivetrain consists of a Clutch Masters twin-disc clutch, factory transmission, and open differential. The van impressed a lot of people at the Project Car Challenge when it went 153.21 mph in the half-mile.

Honda Odyssey with a Turbo H22 Inline-Four

Source: BoostedBoiz, Deboss Garage, and Cleetus McFarland

4 thoughts on “Honda Minivan with a 700+ hp Turbo H22 Inline-Four”

  1. Trust me when I say I know nothing about Honda Prelude engines. But Wiki tells me(taken with a grain of salt, of course) that they range from 135 hp to 187 hp depending on model and year. SOOOOO… I’m thinkin if you can get 727 hp to the ground with 28 psi boost and 150+ mph in the half-mile without making a very large grenade, then you rate as a miracle worker. HOLY SMOKE, how far can you push these tiny engines?

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