Cadillac XLR with LS3 Swap on the Dyno

Here is a video of a LS3 powered Cadillac XLR on the dyno. The computer screen shows the LS3 putting out about 486 horsepower and 456 lb-ft of torque. I wish there was more info on this project.

Source: XLR-Net


  1. khalid

    it is my car and this is what we install
    ls3 engine
    ported l92 heads 823 with miliing .030
    patriot spring 660
    7.4 comp cam pushrods
    and fast 102
    ptm102 Cable Driven throttle body
    up underdrive pulley
    1.78 kooks c6 zo6 headars
    3 inc kooks x pip
    c6 zo6 cat back
    spec 3+ clutch

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