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Lotus Exige with a Turbo K24 Inline-Four

Lotus Exige with a Turbo K24 inline-four

This Lotus Exige is piloted by Dawie Joubert in hill climb racing in South Africa. Dawie replaced the factory engine with a turbocharged Honda K24 inline-four. After setting the record the team turned the boost up to 750+ horsepower which was a little too much. The engine failed and the 800 kg (1,763 lb) race car was done for the day.

Lotus Exige with a Turbo K24 inline-four

Source: Hillclimb Monsters and Crossley & Webb

3 thoughts on “Lotus Exige with a Turbo K24 Inline-Four”

  1. Dawie still king of honda after all these years, watched him growing up piloting his 1st gen civic to 11.1 at ODI raceway 2003 and running 327km/h in his honda powered lotus over 800m. Truely a genius.

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