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PriuSRT8 Hits the Dragstrip

custom Toyota Prius with a Hellcat V8

American Racing Headers took their wild PriuSRT8 creation to Modern Street HEMI Shootout to see what it could do. With co-owner Nick Filippides behind the wheel it went 10.05 sec at 139 mph on its first pass and then went 9.72 sec at 144 mph, 9.70 sec at 145 mph, and 9.56 sec at 133 mph on consecutive runs. Unfortunately the engine broke a valve spring but not before the PriuSRT8 set a personal best of 9.38 sec at 147 mph. For more details and photos please view our previous article.

custom Toyota Prius with a Hellcat V8

custom Toyota Prius with a Hellcat V8

Source: American Racing Headers

5 thoughts on “PriuSRT8 Hits the Dragstrip”

    1. lol, you figured out how most highly modified drag cars work, congrats!
      Seriously though, do you think you’re the only one who knows this shit?
      Most of the people on here know plenty about cars, so no need to be a fucking pedantic shithead.

    2. Noooo, whaaaaat ?!? Tube frame, you say? You mean I can’t do this to the wife’s without cutting up the floor to fit an engine and transmission that we all know would be too big without ?

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