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Chevy S-10 with Viper Engine

An ESD reader pointed us to their friend’s “go-fast” Chevrolet S-10 with a big Viper V10 sitting between the front rails. For more info and pics please check out the build thread.

Chevy S-10 with Viper V10 engine swap

Source: Facebook via Hemily

7 thoughts on “Chevy S-10 with Viper Engine”

  1. “but if it looked stock……”

    It will look stock-ish.. original front end including the hood, lights, grill, bumper etc, as well as the rear lights. There will be a slight drop of the entire vehicle, but for the untrained eye it will appear as stock.

    Halvor – builder

  2. Thanks!

    For those who wonderes, the car is an 85 S10 originally equipped with a 2.8l v6 and a th700 transmission.
    Its now a 2004 dodge ram srt10 engine and transmission, V10 and a Tremec T56. 510hp and 712nm 😀

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