Dual Engine Ford Escort

1986 Ford Escort with I4 and V8 engines

This 1986 Ford Escort was originally purchased to compete in the Big Apple to Big Easy Rally. This is a cross-country road rally for cars that cost $500. The rally offers extra points if the engine is over 6.0L. So the owner decided instead of one big engine he would combine two. The motor in the front is a Zetec four-cylinder from a Ford Contour. The motor in the back is a FWD 4.6L Modular V8 from a 1997 Lincoln Continental. Both engines are running MegaSquirt II programmable EFI controllers. The automatic transmission being used on the V8 runs a MegaShift programmable controller.

1986 Ford Escort with I4 and V8 engines

The car ran with the two engine setup for a while before the owner decided to change direction. The decision was made to switch back to a single engine layout by removing the engine in front. This will improve fuel consumption, weight and engine cooling by relocating the V8 engine’s radiator to the front.

Source: Little Lamborghini via Local Motors

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