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Welcome to Engine Swap Depot. This site is dedicated to engine swaps of all types. Over 13 years we have written 4,000+ articles on all type of engine swap projects. Please let us know ff you have a vehicle with an engine swap. We would be happy to share it.

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Eleven years and 484 pages later… how cool!
    I’m subscribed. If I have my druthers I’ll be having an LS1 in a ’97ish Ford Transit cab chassis. Low deck SBF conversions are already well sorted with kits available so a 5.7 shouldn’t be that hard.

    1. Thanks for the support Andrew. We are looking forward to the next 11 years. Could you share the company that makes the SBC V8 kit for the Ford Transit? I would like to add it to our directory.

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