Skyline R33 with LM7 V8

Skyline R33 with LM7 V8 swap

When it came time to decide to either rebuild the factory RB25 or opt for an engine swap, this owner decided in one swift move to set the internet on fire. The owner decided to remove the inline-six and replace it with a LM7 5.3L V8. The owner was restricted to engines with 300 horsepower or less due to Sweden’s inspection rules. Otherwise it seems he would have chosen a more powerful V8 engine such as an LS6.

Skyline R33 with LM7 V8 swap

I am sure if there are not already a ton of forum “discussions” on this project, there soon will be. The source thread is only one day old and there is already someone disagreeing with the swap. And that is on a site dedicated to only LSx V8 motors. We of course think this is a great project. Our belief is there’s no right or wrong swap.

Skyline R33 with LM7 V8 swap

Source: LS1Tech


  1. Randy

    If he used the engine from a (GMC Envoy with Saab badge) he could have claimed he had a Swedish engine:)

    • I wonder if the requirements for an engine swap require it to be under 300 horsepower no matter what. Maybe they only allow non-factory installed engines to be at a certain power level even though as you pointed out the LS2 was offered in the Saab 9-7X.

  2. Oz5Dante

    I’m guessing the power restriction is such because the original engine had a similar power, but I may be wrong based on the fact that the maximum power produced by a RB25 at the time was around 250hp

  3. Oz5Dante

    Just found this quote form the builder on the forum: “The 300hp is based on 20% more then my stock 250hp.”, so there it is

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