Lexus LFA Rumored To Have A NASCAR V8

OTG Lexus LFA with a TRD NASCAR V8

Update (1/19/14): Wrecked Magazine posted an updated photo showing the V8 engine installed.

Speedhunters reports a rumor this LFA will soon be running a TRD NASCAR V8 while Wrecked Magazine reports on another rumor it already has one. Either way it probably means when the D1 season starts, professional drifter Yoichi Imamura will be sporting the first ever V8 powered Lexus LFA. The car was built by OTG Motor Sports via Osaka Toyopet Group which owns many Toyota dealerships in Japan. This explains the ability to source one of these rare cars and the deep pockets needed to race one.

OTG Lexus LFA with a TRD NASCAR V8

Source: Speedhunters and Wrecked Magazine

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