Papadakis 2.7 L 2AR-FE Inline-Four Makes 1,007 hp on Dyno

Stephan Papadakis turbo 2AR inline-four on dyno

We shared a video of Stephan Papadakis tearing down a 2.7 L 2AR-FE inline-four used in their Papadakis Racing 2019 Corolla. The engine uses a BorgWarner EFR 9174 turbo and 150 hp nitrous to produce 1,000+ hp but that number is based on calculations made from Mustang dyno results. To prove the engine could make four-digit power, the team packed up the Corolla and took it to Church Automotive Tuning. There the engine made 1,007 horsepower and 749 lb-ft of torque to the hubs on a Dynapack dyno.

Source: Papadakis Racing

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