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Infiniti G35 with a RB26DETT

James Evans of JE Import Performance built this RB26DETT powered G35 after the previous engine blew from too much Nitrous. The current setup offers 625 whp from swapping the twin turbos for a single PTE GT4067R turbo with 18 psi boost. They also used the RB26 all-wheel drive transmission converted to RWD only and upgraded suspension to TIEN. Most of this car is custom except for brakes and interior. There are plans on boosting the car to 900-1000 whp.

Source: SuperStreet

5 thoughts on “Infiniti G35 with a RB26DETT”

  1. Is there a build thread on this somewhere? Ive been searching for one for over 2 weeks now and i just find people talking about it. Im familiar with swaps. I can fab a lot of things. Just looking to do some research from some who has actually, physically completed it.
    Thanks in advance.

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