Cars and Coffee – Irvine California Meetup

One of our readers gave us a heads up on the most recent Cars and Coffee meetup which was posted in the NAGTROC forum. A large diversity of great cars showed up ranging from Porsches to muscle cars to a new GT-R. This purple Datsun 510 stood out in particular because you don’t see too many of these and second it has a swap. It appears to have a very clean SR20DET swap with probably some upgrades such as the Brembo brakes.

Datsun 510 with SR20DET swap

SR20DET in Datsun 510

Check out all the rest of high quality photos over at NAGTROC.

Let us know if you have a swap and plan on being at any of these gatherings. We will post up your ride and let people know when they can go and check it out.

Source: NAGTROC via EngineSwapDepot reader Suggins


    • thierry

      hi Kevin
      is there a website , where I can see your drivetrain, the parts I need to upgrade mine? I m in France, and I ll do the SR20 swap too

      • Kevin Neely

        Hi, if you are interested in quality parts to do it right. Contact Mario at TSR fabrication area code 310- 597-824 five.

        you can also check the pics on the Datsunboys facebook page

        I have sold this car.

        If you friend request me you can see all the photos on facebook

        send request to Kevin Neely

        or email me at kfneely1 at gmail dot com

        Follow me on instagram @kfneely1 or tsr fabrication for mario on instagram

        You can follow mario lozano on facebook as well.

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