Pontiac Fiero with 621 Horsepower V8

Pontiact Fiero with 7.0L LSx engine swap

When you feel the need for speed, there is only one cure. Against doctor’s orders, this Fiero owner decided to visit the quarter-mile track to see what his 427 LSx powered Fiero could do. On his third go he managed a 10.5 at 129 mph. The engine started off as a 6.2L L92 which was stroked to 7.0L and has a L76 intake. Mated to the engine is a 2007 Impala 4T65E HD transaxle with 3:29 gears.

7.0L LSx inside Pontiac Fiero engine bay

7.0L LSx powered Pontiac Fiero

Source: LS1Tech

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