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Cleetus Takes Project Neighbor Drag Racing and Drifting

Crown Victoria with a GT500 SC 5.4 L V8

Cleetus McFarland spent the last two months installing a supercharged 5.4 L V8 and TR6060 six-speed manual from a wrecked Mustang Shelby GT500 into a tired Crown Victoria. Now that the project is complete, Cleetus is enjoying the fruits of his labor. In these videos you see the Crown Victoria drag racing, entertaining some friends in a ride-along, and a little drifting.

Source: Cleetus McFarland

1 thought on “Cleetus Takes Project Neighbor Drag Racing and Drifting”

  1. my name is alonzo i was wondering if you can install a coyote swap in my 2001 grand marquis if not tell me what i need to it my self or what motor and trans do i need.

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