Vauxhall Corsa with a Turbo C20LET Inline-Four

Vauxhall Corsa with a turbo C20LET inline-four

The Vauxhall Corsa came from the factory with several gasoline/petrol engine options but none of them larger than 1.6 liters. However Pete Wilson’s Corsa has a 2.0 L C20LET inline-four that features forged internals, custom camshafts, head work, and an engine girdle plate. The engine makes 776 horsepower thanks to 2.8 bar (40.6 psi) of boost from a Precision 6262 turbocharger and Q16 fuel (116 octane). Pete set a personal best of 9.856 sec at 153.16 mph in the quarter-mile at Santa Pod Raceway during Ultimate Street Car 2018.

Source: VeeDubRacing and tetris365

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  1. Nicky Deckers

    Am i mistaking if i think the original C20LET is AWD? I want to buy one and swap it for the X16XE in my Tigra 1.6i 16v 1995, but not sure if i could because the car is FWD.

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