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1990 Audi with a Quad-Turbo LSx V8 – Update 11

1990 Audi V8 with a quad-turbo LSx V8

Deboss Garage is back with a new update on their 1990 Audi race car with a quad-turbocharged LSx V8. In the previous videos the team installed new parts and discussed issues suffered while at the Youtuber Challenge. In this video they start correcting problems on the turbocharger system.

Source: Deboss Garage

1 thought on “1990 Audi with a Quad-Turbo LSx V8 – Update 11”

  1. You guys are my hero. Well done. I love it. This thing is to sick. I have a D2 Audi S8 that will be getting a turbo ls, but a quad turbo is awesome. My hats off to you guys.

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