LS1 Powered 1950 Morris Minor

1950 Morris Minor with LS1 engine swap

Came across this very nice looking 1950 Morris Minor Lowlight with a 1998 Camaro sourced LS1 and 4160E transmission. The Morris sits on a custom chassis with double wishbone front suspension and a narrowed Ford 9 inch with a Truetrac differential.

1998 LS1 inside the engine bay of 1950 Morris Minor

back of 1950 Morris Minor with LS1 V8

back of 1950 Morris Minor with LS1 V8

Source: Site via LS1Tech

1 thought on “LS1 Powered 1950 Morris Minor”

  1. I am contemplating putting a 350 Chevy engine & transmission in a 1961 Morris Minor 1000.
    Something should also be done with the front & rear suspension.

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