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1963 TT Mid-Engine Corvette Coming to SEMA 07

1963 TT Mid-engine Corvette
The boys over at American Super Car Inc. are going to try to steal the show at SEMA this year. Their solution to wow everyone is a 1963 Corvette with a Mid-engine 1,000 HP twin turbo LSX engine swap and a paddle-shifted Mendeola transaxle. The car is built over a complete ladder-type tube chassis with the back end tilting back to allow for full exposure of the power plant.

No doubt this thing will be able to move and handle well but it will be very interesting to hear reactions to this swap. The modifications made to fit this engine into the back of a 1963 Corvette, were to move the passenger cab forward. This car has had 44 years for its unique design to sink into our minds and hearts. It will be interesting to see how the body modifications will alter the appearance of this car.

If you would like to see it in person feel free to visit the 2007 SEMA Show in Las Vegas and the PRI Show in Orlando, FL.


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