1986 Pontiac Trans Am with a 1400 Horsepower Supercharged V8

1986 Pontiac Trans Am with  supercharged 540ci V8

This is the most brutal third-generation Pontiac Firebird I have ever seen. The Trans Am is owned by Paul Arvid Blytt in Bergen, Norway and has had many different engines over the years. The latest one is a 540ci Donovan Engineering V8 with Dart heads, Cailles crank, JE pistons, and a ProCharger supercharger.

1986 Pontiac Trans Am with supercharged 540ci V8

A list of the car’s performance stats
0-100 kph (62.1 mph) : 2.23 seconds
0-200 kph (124.2 mph): 5.55 seconds
0-300 kph (186.4 mph): 12.22 seconds
0-201m: 5.91 seconds at 205 kph (127.3 mph)
0-402m: 9.19 seconds at 202 kph (125.5 mph) -transmission died, claims to get into high 8’s with good transmission
60ft: 1.45 seconds
Top Speed: 407.134 kph (252.9 mph)

Source: Polly Motorsport (official site) and Popular Hot Rodding via OppositeLock


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