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Mad Mike’s RX-7 with a Twin-Turbo 26B Four-Rotor

Mad Mike's HUMBUL: A Twin-turbo 26B powered RX-7

Mike Whiddett debuted his Mazda RX-7 called “HUMBUL” at TAS 2015. The car is built by Total Car Produce Magic and features a twin-turbo 26B four-rotor. The engine is estimated to make over 1,000 horsepower. We can’t wait to hear more about this car in the coming year.

Twin-turbo 26B four-rotor engine going into Mad Mike's HUMBUL RX-7

Source: Speedhunters and Total Car Produce Magic Facebook page

1 thought on “Mad Mike’s RX-7 with a Twin-Turbo 26B Four-Rotor”

  1. These are some great rotary builds. I’ve driven nothing but Rx7’s and now my first RX8 since 1980. My RX8 has 86K on it. But the engine is an factory rebuild that ive only put 2000 on.It has the standard 195hp for a 2005 automatic. I would like to get it to 212hp, but by the cheapest means possible. I figured a quality high flow exhaust would get me to maybe 203 or 205. I don’t want to turbo, because then to do it right I would have to make the engine robust enough to handle a performance upgrade of that magnitube. What would your suggestion be? Thank you.

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