The 2,000 Horsepower Dodge Charger Called Maximus


This monster 1968 Dodge Charger called Maximus is being built by Scott Spock Racing and Nelson Racing Engines. Just about everything on this car is custom. The bodywork alone has 1,500 hours. In the trunk sits a custom fuel cell that holds two different fuels, pump gas and race fuel. The driver will be able to select which fuel via a switch.

The twin-turbo 9.4L Hemi V8 motor allows the driver to select the power anywhere from 600 to 2,000 horsepower. The combo will produce a eight second quarter-mile and top 200 mph. Extra aerodynamics are being developed to allow this car to reach a top speed of 260 mph if they can find anyone crazy enough to try. One look at the speedometer says it all. This is probably the most powerful and expensive Charger on earth.


The part of the video discussing the engine starts at 13:43.

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