1952 Mercury with a Twin-Turbo LSX


This 1952 Mercury is powered by a 427 cubic-inch LSX V8 with two 72 mm Nelson Racing (Turbonetics) symmetrical turbochargers. The engine features a 8CW billet crank, H-beam rods, LS7 heads, and makes around 1,500 horsepower to the wheels on 98 octane fuel.




Source: Facebook Page and LS1Tech


  1. Hal

    I’ve always liked the look of the 52 Mercury, and felt is was the best looking car of the fifties. I’m a Chevy guy and have been since 1955 when the 265/stick shift came out. I have owned six of them, but wouldn’t buy a Ford because I am still a Hot Rodder. I may have to back up a little and say 55 Chevy’s were second to 32 Ford coupes, fenderless of course. Chopped and channeled were the buzz words of the day. The fifty three Mercury wasn’t bad either, but I didn’t like the tail lights. The 56 Ford Crown Victoria came close, but a 52 Merc with a 427 Ls engine is the berries. Great combination sure to win many awards.

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