Brill Steel Carbon S14 Drift Car

Brill Steel Carbon S14 Drift Car

We have covered a lot of Silvia/240SX projects and Brill Steel Motorsports in northern Italy has built one of the wildest. Built for professional driver Enrico Sartori, this beast will primarily compete in drift events but might also compete in autocross. Brill Steel Motorsports is one of the few shops in Italy that build hot rods and use American V8s. So when it came to picking a motor they choose GM’s powerful LS3 V8. They upgraded the engine with a Lunati stroker crankshaft, Compstar H-section rods, Wiseco pistons, which increased the size to 427 cubic inches and compression to 14.3:1. They also added a FAST LSXR intake, 102mm PTM throttle body, 900cc injectors, MecTronik ECU MKE6, and MSD individual coils. All this together produces 717 horsepower and 896 lb-ft of torque. Anything that wasn’t essential (which was a lot) was cut out to save weight. Even the windows are Lexan. The dry weight turned out to be 2,209 lbs (1002kg).

Update 4/17/2017 – Another video showing the project completed

Source: Speedhunters via OppositeLock

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