Toyota Camry with a 1027 whp V6

My memory is not great but I don’t believe I have ever heard of a 1,000+ horsepower FWD Camry before now. The monster 3MZ-FE/1MZ-FE V6 motor dynoed at 1,027 horsepower to the wheels using a GTX420R turbo. Below is the engine stats from their youtube video.

DMT’s Toyota Camry V6 Turbo
Wiseco HD 10.0:1 CR / Pauter Rods
Custom 274 Cams
GTX4202R Tial V-band 1.00 A/R turbo
DMT Custom Sidewinder Manifold
DMT Custom Intake Manifold
Tuned-length exhaust manifold
4″ Downpipe / 3.5″ MP
4″ Aluminum Exhaust
JDM E153 Transmission w/ LSD
ACT 4-puck Ceramic Sprung DIsc
ACT XT Pressure Plate
Spec Aluminum Flywheel
DMT Meth System
1027.8 WHP & 669.8 WTQ

Source: OppositeLock


  1. Eric

    Hello, my name is Eric. I’m what most people would call a young mechanic in the works and was wondering where you were able to have custom parts built for this particular engine. For I have the same engine inside of my 05 Toyota sienna CE, and although it has treated me well, it is cresting the 250,000 mark. I was considering sending it to a rebuild shop, but if I do anything that serious, I would like to throw in some minor power upgrades; a larger loved cam setup, and an ecu swap as well as the fuel injectors. I’d love to hear back from someone.

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