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Toyota Camry with a 1027 hp Turbo V6

Toyota Camry with a Turbo 3MZ-1MZ V6

This 1994 Toyota Camry owned by Dynamotorsports is powered by a turbocharged 3MZ-FE V6 with 1MZ-FE heads. The built motor produced 1,027 horsepower and 669 lb-ft of torque to the front hubs thanks to a GTX420R turbocharger. The full specs are listed below.

Update: The Camry is making 1128 horsepower and 726 lb-ft of torque to the wheels on 40 psi of boost.

Full Specs: (updated)

  • 1128 whp, 726 wtq at 40 psi
  • tuned by


  • Built motor (3MZ-FE, 3.3L) by Canadian Cylinder Head:
  • Wiseco HD pistons 10.0:1CR
  • Pauter X-Beam rods with CARR bolts
  • fully balanced and blueprinted
  • CCH (1MZ-FE) Race Head
  • custom 272 cams
  • Built Valvetrain


  • DMT Turbo Kit
  • two Garrett GTW5857R (aka GTW3476R) turbochargers
  • custom intake manifold
  • custom turbo manifold
  • custom Garrett intercooler
  • dual Tial MVS wastegates
  • dual 3-inch downpipe
  • 4-inch aluminum exhaust
  • custom catch can


  • Pro Racing Mark 5 fuel
  • ID 1300 cc injectors
  • Xenocron Dual Bosch 044 surge tank
  • Dual Bosch 044 staged fuel pumps
  • 300M coilpacks
  • Haltech High Power Ignitor
  • AEM V1 EMS
  • custom crank trigger
  • Haltech sensors


  • Toyota E153 five-speed transmission
  • KAAZ LSD by Monkey Wrench Racing
  • ACT XT 6-puck ceramic clutch
  • SPEC flywheel
  • Racelogic traction control


  • Rotora 14-inch six-piston front BBK (@rotorainc)


  • Volk Racing TE37
  • Nitto NT-01
  • K-Sport RR coilovers


  • Rod Millen/Australian Touring Car front bumper
  • TL-R Retrofit with Morimoto XB55 (@theretrofitsource)

Source: Dynamotorsports via OppositeLock

6 thoughts on “Toyota Camry with a 1027 hp Turbo V6”

  1. Hello, my name is Eric. I’m what most people would call a young mechanic in the works and was wondering where you were able to have custom parts built for this particular engine. For I have the same engine inside of my 05 Toyota sienna CE, and although it has treated me well, it is cresting the 250,000 mark. I was considering sending it to a rebuild shop, but if I do anything that serious, I would like to throw in some minor power upgrades; a larger loved cam setup, and an ecu swap as well as the fuel injectors. I’d love to hear back from someone.

      1. G’day Simon
        Got a 1999 toyota camry xv20 3 litre v6 1mz fe
        Looking at doing turbo conversion soon
        Could you pls contact me on what parts I will need to start of ?

  2. I have this engine swapped into a 2003 MR2 Spyder. Even have the e153 5-speed w/LSD. Would love to know specifics on your engine internals, as my motor is very much stock. It won’t last forever and a new build like this would be neck-breaking!

    1. this car belongs to Tony the Tiger, he’s up in Canada and has described his builds extensively at places like Toyota Nation. He left the E153 behind for a custom AT at about 750hp as I remember, has twin charged it etc.

  3. Hello, I have a 1994 Toyota Camry. I’m the second owner perhaps? Anyways I have put nearly 125,00 mi on this car, and motor. It currently is approaching 390,000 mi. And I have done nothing major to it, because I did not think it would last this long?)
    My question is, can I swap this 3.0 for a 3.5 , and as I am at it, add some HHP, nothing major like you guy’s,)) lol

    Thanks, I appreciate your time,

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