Carbon Fiber 1931 Bugatti Replica With A GMC V12


It took 20 years of research and thousands of hours for Ed’s Rods and Recks to create this 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner replica. All that time and work doesn’t come cheap because the buy-it-now price is set at $650,000. But for money you get a classic looking car with a hand fabricated carbon fiber body and a massive 702 cubic-inch GMC Thunder V12 mated to a 4L80E automatic transmission.

Source: eBay via OppositeLock


  1. John B

    Beautiful car and if I had Jay Leno type money, I’d buy it. I’d like to know how much fuel she carries, since the trucks with those engines, used to get around 2 mpg.

    • I would too. Your probably right, the gas mileage is sad but if I had Jay Leno money, I wouldn’t care too much. I would love to drive it and feel the constant torque that engine offers.

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