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Sixteen Power V16 Makes 1159 hp on Dyno

Sixteen Power LSx V16 on Katech dyno

Sixteen Power is a company in Detroit, Michigan building a 14.0 L V16 based on LSx architecture for Marine applications. The company partnered with Katech to develop and test the custom V16 engine. They released a video showing the V16 in Katech’s dyno room for durability testing. Watch as the naturally aspirated V16 makes 1,159 horsepower and 1,122 lb-ft of torque on 89 octane fuel. Update 12/27/19: Replaced short video with longer version.

Sixteen Power LSx V16 on Katech dyno

Sixteen Power LSx V16 on Katech dyno

several Sixteen Power M16 V16 engine blocks

Source: Sixteen Power FB page and Katech FB page

2 thoughts on “Sixteen Power V16 Makes 1159 hp on Dyno”

  1. You have the torque and HP numbers swapped but it doesn’t really matter as long as both are over 1100! It’s worth noting that if we didn’t have to deal with the restrictions of marine use (the engine has to put the boat on plane with a one speed transmission) we could substitute bigger heads, cam and intakes to make 1500 HP with this engine. We have had many inquiries from automotive applications where multi-speed transmissions would allow us to do this.

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