Naturally Aspirated 4.2 L VQ35 V6 Makes 537 hp to Hubs

Jim Wolf Technology Naturally Aspirated 4.2 L VQ35 V6

Two weeks ago Speed Academy shared Sasha Anis’ 4.2 L (4.169 L) VQ35 V6 built by Jim Wolf Technology (JWT) for his Nissan 350Z race car. The unique motor starts with a VQ35HR block (EY0 casting) and features 96 mm bore, 96 mm stroke, OEM sleeves, open deck, JWT custom JE pistons, custom Carrillo rods (based on S2000), and JWT custom crankshaft. Sasha hoped the engine would make 450-500 horsepower but it surpassed his expectations. Watch the engine make 537 horsepower to the hubs on 105-107 octane at his company OnPoint Dyno.

Source: Speed Academy

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