Building A LS6 Powered Porsche 996


You are looking at a 1999 Porsche 996 that has seen a rough life. This 911 has had eight previous owners. One or maybe all the previous owners contributed to a list of issues including kissing a guard rail which is why the body has newer model panels. The owner priced different power plant options with supercharging the 3.4L for $10K, turbocharging the 3.4L for $15K, increase the motor to 3.8L for $25K, or a used GT3 motor for $40K. So out went the 3.4L M96 and in goes a LS6. The owner had a independent shop make the adapter plate kit which cost $1,850 (is $3,000 less than the Renegade kit) and uses a custom flywheel, Porsche clutch, GM starter, and GM flexplate.

Source: LS1Tech


  1. Chris

    Out of curiousity because I’m wanting to start a project with a mid ls engine and a g50 transaxle, is it just the intake that mounted towards the rear or the whole engine reverse

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