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Mazda RX-7 With A Nissan SR20VET


You find some wild builds at the top of time attack racing. Every modification is to reduce the time it takes the car to complete one lap. Christian Valtonen of Voltonen Motorsport in Finland has built one extreme 1995 RX-7. The RX-7 started its racing life representing Falken in 2009 as a drift car. Christian picked the RX-7 simple because he liked the way it looked.


The engine powering this beast is a Nissan SR20VET. Nissan shipped these engines from the factory with 276 horsepower (280 PS) and 227 ft-lb (309 nm) of torque. Christian would not declare how much power his engine is producing but based on the Holset HX50/55 turbocharger being used it could be anywhere from 300-560+ horsepower.


His decision to go with a inline-four was simply because he knew very little about rotary engines. This does answer why he specifically chose a Nissan engine but I supposed he had previous experience with them and trusted the power the SR20 platform could offer when turbocharged. It will be fun to watch this RX-7 compete against the other amazing time attack race cars.


You can find more photos and information on the car by visiting the source link below.

Source: Speedhunters by Bryn Musselwhite

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