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1200 HP Twin Supercharged 1974 Corvette

1200 HP Twin Supercharged 1974 Corvette
This is one seriously crazy twin supercharged 1974 Corvette. I couldn’t find too much information but what little I did from was it has a 512 CID Merlin motor with twin Whipple superchargers, Richmond 6-speed transmission, and topped off with some really nice 19″ HRE 574. All added together gives this monster an easy 1,200 HP. Added video to prove this thing runs.

3 thoughts on “1200 HP Twin Supercharged 1974 Corvette”

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    Seriously though this is a scary powerful car. When the horsepower reaches that level you can’t let your guard down for second. One sneeze and you will end up in a ditch or wrapped around a car.

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