Beetle Cabriolet with a Turbo 2600 cc Flat-Four

Beetle Cabriolet with a turbo 2600 cc flat-four

This custom Beetle Cabriolet was built by Richard Webb at RJ Volks Performance in the UK. The convertible features a custom tube chassis, 4-link rear suspension, and weighs 1888 lbs with a 33/67 bias. In the back of the car sits a turbocharged 2600 cc flat-four controlled by a FuelTech FT600 EFI system. No word on current power numbers but a smaller displacement version made 890 horsepower to the wheels on 2 bar (29 psi) of boost and methanol fuel (dyno video below). Watch Richard compete at Doorslammers 2019 below or view more videos of the Beetle on RJ Volks’ YT channel.

Video from 2015 of a turbo 23xx cc engine making 890 whp.

Beetle Cabriolet with a turbo 2600 cc flat-four

Source: RJ Volks Performance and Mk1Kieran

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