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Toyota GT86 with a Twin-Turbo 3.6 L 2GR V6


Ray Hall Turbocharging in Queensland, Australia really wanted a Toyota GT86 when it debuted but did not like the “Subaru” engine inside. Of course something as silly as an undesirable engine wasn’t going to get in the way of enjoying the coupe, so they decided to do something about it.


Out went the 2.0 L flat-four and in went a 3.5 L 2GR-FE V6 from a Lexus IS350. The company stroked (92 mm) and bored (96 mm) the engine to 4.0 liters. However after running it for a while they replaced the 1GR crank with a 2GR crank bringing the displacement to 3.6 liters.


And a company that has “turbocharging” in their name couldn’t leave the engine naturally aspirated. So on went two Garrett GTX2860R turbochargers and set of Bosch EV14 1000 cc injectors. The 3.6 L version made 503 horsepower at the wheels on 22 psi of boost.

The company paired the engine with a RA62 six-speed from a Lexus IS250. Looking through the images you can tell a lot of custom work went into building this. The oil pan, motor mounts, ECU case, and probably a lot more than I can tell, appears to be hand-made.

The website says the company went out of business June 30th, 2014. I sure hope this was project didn’t get scrapped with the closing of the business. The images end with the GT86 missing a few finishing touches.

Update 1-25-19: Article originally stated the engine was a 3GR.

Source: Ray Hall Turbocharging via ESD reader

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