Nissan 260Z with 300ZX V6

This is a nice video of a Nissan 260Z with a VG30DETT swapped from a 300ZX which the author says is putting out around 450 horsepower.

5 thoughts on “Nissan 260Z with 300ZX V6”

  1. Hello my name is jamie winters and i just watch your video of the 260z may I say F@&King sweet i am putting a vg 30 n/a in my 1972 240z. I have already got the engine and transmisson in place what i was wonding if maybe you could give me some pointers on any any problems i may run into thanx jamie

  2. Hey my name is james and I really like your swap. And I actually plan to do the same. How long and how hard was it? Where are you located?

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